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Hello Guys! I’m UI/UX Designer & Front-End Developer based in Delhi,India. I’m very well aware of the training institute tutorials, they are not going to help students much in the professional world. I know the needs of web industry in Delhi and other parts of India. I have an experience of 7 years in teaching UI/UX design and Developing ( Photoshop, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap Framework, jQuery, Javascript, latest Responsive design techniques, and plugins that is used in designs). Most of my students are well established in different IT companies.

I give individual attention to my students and help them to get prepared for different web designer and front end developer interviews.

You will Learn

Become an Expert Web Designer in 3 months

Month 1 and 2 Make a Simple Website (Photoshop,HTML and CSS): Spend your first month learning Photoshop, HTML and CSS, the codes used to write websites. HTML and CSS are arguably the two easiest coding languages to learn. They’ll give you a gentle introduction to coding before you move on to bigger, more challenging material. Also, you don’t need to buy any special web design software or web hosting. All you need is your computer!

Designing and building your own simple website is the best way to learn HTML and CSS. If you use training like Treehouse, you’ll be walked through this process. You can also research HTML and CSS on your own, but it will be hard. It’s kind of like having to first find the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle before you can assemble them. It should take about a month to get a good, solid HTML and CSS foundation. Then, you can move on to some real programming…

Month 3 Front-End Development (JavaScript): JavaScript coding is sometimes called front-end development, because JavaScripts are run on a user’s computer. Conversely, back-end development refers to scripts run on a web server.

If you use Treehouse, you’ll get the opportunity to enhance your walked-through HTML and CSS website with JavaScript. Then, when you feel you have a good grasp of the language, design and build your own web app with JavaScript. To do this, you will want to learn how to plan, design and build a coding project.

JavaScript is an exciting language with many possibilities, and will go a long way towards you becoming a coder. Take two months to learn and start using it.